Taking measures to address pain and discomfort during pregnancy can seem complicated. Due to the pregnancy, you may have limited options for pain management and a variety of discomforts that arise at different stages. By working with a pregnancy chiropractor in our clinic, you address the symptoms and alleviate certain concerns that may occur.

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As the name implies, a pregnancy chiropractor offers treatment to women during their pregnancy. At Beyond Medical, we recognize the changes that occur in your body during each trimester of your pregnancy and take measures to help address concerns that may occur.

Our prenatal treatment offers a safe and natural way to manage pain, limit certain pregnancy symptoms and improve your ability to maintain mobility and flexibility throughout your pregnancy. The goal of prenatal treatment from a chiropractor is good health through different stages of pregnancy and to limit the risk of complications during the delivery by ensuring your body maintains ideal health.

What to Expect at our Clinic

When you visit our clinic for prenatal care, we may ask questions about your health, situation and the pregnancy. We also discuss your family history to ensure that you obtain the right treatment and we have a clear idea about potential risks or complications that may occur as you progress through a pregnancy.

A chiropractor in our clinic may examine your movements and discuss your concerns to ensure proper treatment. Based on an examination, we suggest a treatment plan to manage discomfort associated with pregnancy and to keep your body healthy. We may suggest dietary changes to ensure proper nutrition throughout the pregnancy for both the mother and unborn child. A chiropractor may also suggest stretches or exercises that help keep your body healthy and mobile as your pregnancy progresses and you start to notice changes in your body. We develop a personalized treatment plan based on the health and needs of the specific woman, so a chiropractor evaluates your needs before suggesting any strategies for your health.

When to Seek Treatment

As a general rule, you want to seek chiropractic treatment during pregnancy when you learn about the pregnancy or when you notice discomfort associated with the pregnancy. The discomfort may range from mild pain to severe discomfort as the pregnancy progresses and you move into the third trimester of a pregnancy. By addressing the symptoms at an early stage and working with a woman from the beginning, a chiropractor helps alleviate discomforts and reduces the risk of complications like a herniated disc or back pain. Always consider treatment if the pain worsens or complicates your ability to engage in normal activities.

Treating a woman for pain and discomfort during pregnancy differs from other times because you must consider the risks to an unborn child and the mother. Chiropractic care offers a solution by providing natural and holistic treatments that use gentle movements and force to reduce pain. To learn more about our treatment options, call (407) 261-1001 today.