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Perk Up Your Nutrition with Guidance from Beyond Medical

Altamonte Springs, Fl residents are invited to learn how to perk up your nutrition with guidance from Beyond Medical. Not only does our health team want to reduce your pain, we also want to improve your life. A healthy and energetic lifestyle begins with proper nutrition. When you supply your body with high-quality and nutritious food that is easily converted into fuel, you flourish. Our chiropractors know the value of eating a healthy diet to improve well-being. Our chiropractic care programs work best when you eat a variety of foods in moderation and we can show you how. You have already made the commitment to improve your health through chiropractic care. Now is the time to travel down the other healthy path- the one towards conscious eating. We welcome the opportunity to be your guides through this process and to show you how chiropractic care pairs best with healthy eating.

Food Selection

The basics of healthy eating start with good food choices. Our nutritional counseling sessions start with educational information to teach you the value of choosing quality foods. Your body needs a specific combination of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to sustain your life. It also uses foods to enhance your skin health, hair luster, and bone density. As chiropractors, we understand the importance of keeping strong bones, like your spine. The stronger your spine, the less chance of osteoporosis you have. You can support bone growth through proper nutrition.

Weight Loss

As a full-service health center, we are here to support you through life's transitions. One of these may be a need for weight loss. Our chiropractors can teach you how to count calories to support your weight loss efforts. Along with this, is the need to bring in adequate nutrition to guide your body through workouts and to ensure that the weight loss is coming from fat and not muscle.

Reduce Allergies

What if your allergies were not weather-related, but food related? Can you imagine the difference when you are thinking clearer, breathe easier and see better? We will examine your diet to determine if you are dealing with any undetected food allergies that could be contributing to your symptoms.


If your body has suffered from poor diet and you are feeling the effects, we can coach you through a detoxifying diet to support your new efforts. As we remove unnecessary foods and beverages from your diet, you will notice clearer skin, more energy and a healthier weight.

Fitness Goals

Healthy eating habits also contribute to a healthy heart, lungs and cardiovascular system. Proper nutrition is essential for your organs to operate at peak levels. If you have fitness goals such as running a marathon, competing in powerlifting or playing soccer, we can provide nutritional guidance to meet your needs.

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