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Chiropractic Techniques: Palmer, Gonstead


As your preferred chiropractors in Altamonte, FL we offer Palmer, Gonstead, Extremity Adjusting and Toggle Recoil modalities at Beyond Medical. Drs. Roy and Danielle Clarke are trained in advanced coursework with these chiropractic techniques. Learn what each of these four modalities involve and how they are beneficial during chiropractic practice. This will help you determine which method would best suit your needs.

Palmer Method

Established in 1897, the Palmer School of Chiropractic is the founding school of chiropractic training. It was at this center for chiropractic that the Palmer Method evolved from the origins of chiropractic training. Dr. D. D. Palmer was the founder of chiropractic, and his son B. J. Palmer developed the Palmer Method for conducting chiropractic adjustments. It is understandably one of the most prominent modalities in chiropractic even today. The method involves the top-most vertebrae of the spine, also known as the atlas, which is adjusted using digital x-ray imagery. This offers you a comprehensive adjustment using the most modern diagnostic techniques.

Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead technique was developed in 1923 by Clarence Gonstead. It involves hands-on manual adjustments, in addition to other instrumentation. For example, the Gonstead method might incorporate digital x-rays, the Nervo-Scope, and the Gonstead Radiographic Parallel during an adjustment session. For individuals who want a more thorough chiropractic treatment, the Gonstead method is preferred.

Extremity Adjusting

When you visit Beyond Medical for extremity adjusting this involves your limbs and joints. For individuals who are struggling with pain associated with their shoulder, hand, hip, or knees, this is considered part of extremity adjusting. Your chiropractor in Altamonte, FL can coordinate extremity adjusting along with your chiropractic care program for a more comprehensive treatment session.

Toggle Recoil Technique

In order to adjust the two top-most bones in the spine and neck, the toggle recoil technique may be used by Drs. Roy and Danielle Clarke. This treatment takes into account the fragility of the upper cervical spine and uses toggle recoil to treat these specific bones. It is specifically suited for individuals who are suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, upper spine injuries, or whiplash.

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If you are interested in pursuing chiropractic care using the Palmer, Gonstead, Extremity Adjusting or Toggle Recoil techniques, we are here to assist you. We are serving the communities of Altamonte, FL, as well as North Orlando, Sanford, Longwood, Winter Park, Maitland, Apopka, Lake Mary, Casselberry, and Winter Springs. Contact Drs. Roy and Danielle Clarke at 407-439-2557 to take advantage of your free chiropractic consultation today as a new patient at Beyond Medical.


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