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As a personal injury attorney in Altamonte Springs, Florida we can help you to navigate the oftentimes confusing insurance claims process following an auto accident. Additionally, this advisor can help you to receive the financial compensation that you are owed due to medical treatment costs, missed work, and physical and emotional distress. If you have been involved in a car accident or other mishap, we strongly recommend that you seek medical attention within 30 days of the incident.

Man suffering from an auto accident injuryWe always recommend that our patients seek medical attention right away if they have been involved in a car accident or another incident, such as a slip or fall. In addition to receiving the medical care that you need, it is important that your injuries are documented right away. Personal Injury Attorney Chiropractor Altamonte can help you both with your medical needs as well as work for you to ensure that your accident does not become financially debilitating.

Trauma Injuries Do Not Always Show Symptoms Right Away

Many patients report that they feel fine after an accident only to wake up in extreme pain a few days later. This is especially true for injuries to the soft tissue areas of the body like the neck, wrists, and shoulders. Whiplash is once such injury that may take a few days for you to feel pain, while the injury worsens during the time of the accident to the time that you seek treatment. It is always in your best interest to undergo a complete examination following an accident of any type.

Have You Been Involved in an Auto Accident or Another Injury-Causing Incident?

Beyond Medical is well-equipped to help you navigate your recovery from injuries; we can also recommend a personal injury attorney to you or put you in touch with other resources to help you manage the insurance claims process and receiving reimbursement for your medical expenses. Call us today at 407-261-1001 to set up a consultation and learn more. Beyond Medical is conveniently located at 460 E Altamonte Drive in Altamonte Springs, Florida.


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