Not all cases of whiplash are the result of an auto accident injury.  This disorder might occur after any type of force that causes the head to whip back and forth suddenly.  Professional as well as amateur athletes are typical sufferers.  Patients who visit us at Beyond Medical with this problem can experience relief thanks to natural therapies available from our Altamonte Springs chiropractors.Whiplash Altamonte Springs, FL

More About Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when a force causes an individual’s head to fly forward and backward so violently that the action ruptures soft tissues, causes herniated discs in the cervical portion of the spine, or dislodges spinal vertebrae.  Although many people use the term interchangeably with neck strain, this disorder differs from a neck sprain, which is the result of torn ligaments.

Many who have this type of injury report an immediate onset of pain.  However, one of the dangers linked to this condition is that pain might not surface until days after the actual auto accident injury or other event. The most frequent symptoms our patients experience include:

  • Neck pain, tightness, and reduced range of motion, sometimes with knotted or hard muscles
  • Headaches originating at the base of the skull, then traveling toward the forehead
  • Stiffness or pain when attempting to look over either shoulder
  • Tissue that feels tender
  • Pain from rocking the head either sideways or backward and forward

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

A sharp blow responsible for whiplash can also cause a concussion, which could be serious and which requires prompt medical attention.  Individuals who suffer from a headache that won’t go away or that worsens, have difficulty talking, or experience weakness should seek emergency care.  Other signs indicating an emergency are being confused, unusually sleepy, or unconscious or feeling nauseated or dizzy.

Chiropractic treatment utilizes only natural therapies that avoid medication and surgery.  They include:

  • Chiropractic manipulation that moves an affected joint into place
  • Muscle relaxation or stimulation, or a combination that gently stretches any muscles affected
  • Special exercises that relieve injuries such as disc derangement and impaired neck stability
  • Lifestyle and ergonomic changes that result in improved ways to perform daily activities while requiring only a minimum of strain on the body

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