Water sports injury prevention and treatment

Now that summer is here, more and more people are heading out to the water to have fun. Unfortunately, these water sports can result in injuries. This summer, it is essential to know how to prevent these injuries. If you do get injured, the professionals at Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs can provide the treatment that you need.

What Makes Water Sports So Dangerous?

Some water sports can be safe and relaxing, such as paddle boarding and fishing. There are other water sports, such as water skiing, jet skiing, paragliding, and wakeboarding, that can be dangerous due to the speed involved.

Common High-Speed Water Sport Injuries

If you aren’t ready for the boat to take off, or due to the high speed at takeoff, whiplash can occur. Shoulder and wrist injuries are also common. Concussion and fractures can occur if you fall and hit your board. Finally, muscle sprains, strains, and joint pain are common. Water sports injuries can occur whether you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner.

Preventing Water Sport Injuries

There are a few ways that water sports injuries can be prevented.

Stay hydrated: When you are out in the sun, you can quickly become dehydrated. Staying hydrated will help your muscles and musculoskeletal system work properly. Staying hydrated can prevent muscle sprains and strains, and will prevent cramping while you are out on the water.

Stretch: Stretching before going out on the water will prevent sprains and strains.

Wear a helmet: Head injuries are common in high-speed water sports; therefore, you should wear a helmet.

Know your limits: If you are a beginner, you should know your limits. Doing more than you are capable of can result in injury. It is best to start slow and work up your intensity over time.

Don’t play injured: If you have been injured out on the water, don’t try to play through the pain. You should stay on shore until your injury has healed.

Chiropractic Care

If you have been injured while on the water, our chiropractor can help. Spinal adjustments, cold and heat therapy, ultrasound, and massage are all treatment methods that can relieve your pain and promote faster healing.

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If you are injured while out on the water, Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs can help. Our sports injury chiropractor in Altamonte uses integrated medicine to relieve your pain and help with your rehabilitation. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (407) 261-1001!

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