Understanding the Many Sources of Back Pain and How Chiropractors Treat It

There are a number of reasons a person experiences upper back pain. In rare occasions, back pain can be the symptom of life-threatening conditions like lung cancer or a heart condition. In the majority of cases, when pain or discomfort of the upper back occurs the condition is not life-threatening and can be treated successfully. Our chiropractor here at Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs treats people who experience back pain caused by automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, muscle deconditioning and countless chronic medical conditions.

Not Always Injury or Illness Related

It is important to note, not all instances of back pain are the result of an illness or injury. Sometimes there is a direct correlation between upper back pain and the activities people choose to engage in. For example, a basketball player who spends hours each day practicing their layup or their dunk uses the same set of back muscles over and over again. This overuse of the muscles causes them to become inflamed, strained and tight.

Another reason people experience pain in the upper back is because of improper posture. Poor habits like slouching while sitting or standing can cause back pain and the deconditioning of the muscles in the upper, lower and cervical back. The pressure created by the body and gravity pushing against discs, ligaments and the spine as a result of slouching can cause serious complications over time like pinched nerves and herniated discs.

How We Treat Upper Back Pain

Our goal here in our clinic is to find the source of upper back pain and treat it. Our doctor understands that treating the symptoms associated with pain will only alleviate it in the short term. Our goal is to eliminate pain, treat the root cause, and provide our patients with the tools they need to build and condition their muscles to help avoid future injuries. Our doctor records a detailed history and physical on every patient. Included in the history and physical is a review of past and current symptoms, a personal medical history, family medical history, surgical history, review of medications, an accounting of how many times a week the patient exercises, and an accounting of personal and work habits. This information along with the results of our chiropractor’s exam enables our doctor to create an individualized treatment plan to include one or more of the following: hot and cold therapies, spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, ultrasound treatments, laser treatments, and an exercise plan to help recondition and build muscles.

We Want To Help You Live Pain-Free

Here at Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs, we take pride in our ability to help people live happy pain-free lives. If you have been living with chronic upper back pain, you need to have it evaluated so the source of your pain can be properly identified and treated. Give us a call today at 407-439-2557 to schedule your appointment.