The Benefits Of The K-Laser



Getting treated with a laser may sound scary, but this advanced medical treatment is on the rise, specifically K-Laser therapy. When these lasers are used regularly, they can encourage your body’s injured tissue to heal itself over time. That reduces pain at the source instead of just erasing the symptoms.

As you can imagine, this treatment can be incredibly beneficial. Here’s what you can expect when you receive K-Laser therapy.

Fast Treatments

K-Laser treatments won’t hog up your whole day. Your appointment may only be five minutes in some cases. Longer appointments are typically just 20 minutes. After the appointment, you can go back to work or school.

Could Replace Medication

You may be on medication now for your chronic pain. That’s all that helps you get by from day to day. With regular K-Laser treatments, you may be able to reduce your reliance on medication. Eventually, you may be able to stop taking meds completely.

May Prevent Need for Surgery

After years of struggling with chronic pain, you’re starting to talk to surgeons. You don’t know what else you can do. Before you go under the knife, try a few K-Laser sessions first. With regular sessions, you may feel better enough that you can skip the surgery.

Deep Penetration Is Possible

Although your hips and spine are prominent bones in the body, it’s not easy to get to these. K-Lasers can, though. To understand how, we must first explain that there are three types of lasers used. These are based on intensity, with Class 4 being the most intense (although still not painful).

Since there are more infrared wavelengths with a Class 4 K-Laser, that allows this laser to go further. That means that if you have chronic hip or spinal pain, a K-Laser can potentially treat it.

Schedule K- Laser Treatment For Back Pain, Neck Pain & Other Chronic Pain Issues

Want to learn more about K-Lasers and other treatments for spinal pain? Come see us at Beyond Chiropractic. With our talented licensed chiropractors, no matter what is causing your pain, we can diagnose and treat it.

We offer such services as spinal screenings, massage therapy, Class IV laser therapy, nutritional counseling, auto accident care, and spinal decompression. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today. You can also visit us at Beyond Chiropractic on 460 East Altamonte Drive #2250.

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