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Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine Featuring Stem Cell Therapy with Our Medical Providers in Altamonte Springs

People often refer to physicians and other practitioners as "healers." But the truth is that the body knows how to heal itself by making use of special cells called stem cells to regenerate tissues. Even so, that regenerative process sometimes needs a little help. That's why our team at Beyond Medical is proud to offer an advanced form of regenerative medicine called stem cell therapy for patients in Altamonte Springs who are struggling with chronic pain or acute injuries.

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Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with helping the body's tissues repair themselves more successfully in the face of various challenges. This often means helping the body make better use of stem cells. Stem cells are the "blank slate" cells of the body -- cells that not yet been differentiated into specific kinds of cells such as brain cells, muscle cells, liver cells etc. When these cells are needed to grow or repair a certain kind of tissue, chemicals from that tissue cause them to transform into the specific kind of cell required. The problem is that stem cells need to be in close proximity to those tissues for the transformation to happen. Unfortunately, our supply of stem cells dwindles rapidly throughout adulthood.

Stem cell therapy is a method of relocating concentrated numbers of stem cells to the area where they're needed most urgently. Contrary to popular misunderstanding, no embryonic cells are used in this treatment; the stem cells are collected from donated umbilical cord blood. This concentrated substance is injected into the area to be treated, allowing the stem cells to interact with the internal tissues and aid the body's regenerative processes.

Helping You Feel and Function Better

Stem cell therapy isn't magic -- it still takes time for tissues to repair and rebuild themselves and the most severe injuries or conditions may require additional or alternative treatment methods. But, it is highly valuable in the treatment of mild to moderate soft tissue strains, sprains, and tears sustained either in an acute accident or through chronic repetitive stress. It can also ease the pain caused by cartilage deterioration in arthritic joints, making it an excellent way to optimize your mobility without the constant use of drugs. Side effects are relatively rare and consist of brief flu-like symptoms.

Contact Your Chiropractor in Altamonte Springs to Answer Your Questions

Are you a good candidate for stem cell therapy? Your chiropractor in Altamonte Springs can evaluate your condition and answer all your questions about this form of regenerative medicine. Call 407-261-1001 today to set up an appointment!


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