Sports injury prevention

If you regularly engage in sporting activities, there is always the possibility of becoming hurt by the actions you take. Contact Beyond Medical for sports rehabilitation, our sport injury chiropractors in Altamonte use chiropractic care and integrated medicine to successfully treat your sport-related injury. Here is some information to you about preventing sports injuries and how to treat them with chiropractic care, if they occur.

Make Sure To Prepare Your Body

Every time you are going to participate in an activity that requires exercising, it is best to prepare for the session before you begin. This includes stretching your body for several minutes. Warming up your body will get your heart rate moving and will prime your muscles so that they do not seize or stiffen when you are moving your body around. Make sure you have plenty of water available, so you can keep your body hydrated during your activity as well.

Know the Rules of the Sport

If you have not participated in a particular sport in the past, do a bit of research before you engage in the gameplay yourself. This is important because you will have a better understanding of the sport, rules, and know which movements will protect your body from unnecessary injuries. Consider having someone teach you the proper movements for your particular sport so that you know how to move your body safely, helping to protect it from injuries.

See Our Sport Injury Chiropractors in Altamonte for Sport Rehabilitation

As soon as you feel pain or discomfort in your body as a result of the activity you had performed, it is best to see our chiropractors for an evaluation. Our doctors will assess your condition and provide treatment for the affected areas as needed. This includes the administration of spinal adjustments, temperature therapy, light stretches and exercises under supervision, and gentle massages in the comfort of our practice. Our doctors can also provide lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling to help you be prepared for any type of sports.

Contact Beyond Medical to meet with our sports injury chiropractors in Altamonte if you require chiropractic care, integrated medicine, or sports rehabilitation services. Call our office today at (407) 261-1001 and get treatment from our health care providers for your sports injury.

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