When you are training for a specific sport, it is essential that you find quality treatment to use before, during, and after performance and for recovery. One popular choice among athletes, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts is sports massage therapy. In fact, chiropractors offer this type of treatment to reap the benefits of chiropractic and wellness care. If you are looking for ways to enhance your performance, heal, and prevent injuries after a sport workout, then look no further than Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs, FL.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage therapy involves a trained therapist applying various techniques to help athletes overcome injuries, recover after an intense workout, and increase athletic performance. The main goal of this therapy is to enhance motion and flexibility, relieve muscle soreness and pain, and decrease the chance of re-injury.

The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

There are different types of sports massage that require specific techniques, yet they all provide ongoing aid to the athlete. The following are the key benefits you’ll receive from our team of sports massage therapists at Beyond Medical:

  • Increase athletic performance
  • Minimize the development of scar tissue while increasing flexibility and range of motion
  • Aids in the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles
  • Maintains flexibility in the tissues so that different layers of muscles work harmoniously with each other
  • Eases muscle cramping
  • Offers psychological readiness for your sport
  • Tired and stiff muscles are more at ease
  • Decreases lactic acid and waste build-up in the specific area of inflammation
  • Reduces negative factors like stress so that the healing process can start

As part of any training program, it’s helpful for our clients who participate in ongoing strenuous activities to reap the benefits of a sports massage at least once per week. Depending on your chosen sport and health, our chiropractors can determine what areas of your body need continuing treatment, which can help decide what type of sports massage is most beneficial for you.

Experience the Benefits of Sports Massage Today

Sports massage is a valuable asset that is proven to help various athletes to recovery and improve performance. No matter the type of sport you play, we believe that we can help. For more information about sports massage therapy, contact Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs, FL, today. To make an appointment with our chiropractors, then call (407) 261-1001.