When your neck hurts, you can’t think about anything else — and you can’t do very much, either. If acute or chronic neck pain is limiting your ability to earn a living, sleep, play sports or generally live your life, it’s time to schedule safe, non-invasive neck pain treatment from our chiropractor at Beyond Chiropractic, Dr. Clarke.Neck pain treatment altamonte springs

Know Your Neck Pain: From Accidents to Chronic Conditions

The neck is surprisingly strong and flexible, but it’s also prone to problems. This part of the body provides the upper extension of the spinal column, the cervical vertebrae, with less protection than other spinal regions receive from the body. It’s also tasked with supporting the full weight of your head while still allowing the head to turn and tilt freely. A complex assembly of bones, joints, muscles and connective tissues makes all this possible. When these components suffer stress, deterioration or sudden damage, neck pain is a common result. Neck pain may stem from:

  • Accidents – Auto accidents are infamous for causing whiplash, in which the head flies back and forth with enough force to rupture soft tissues, dislodge vertebrae, and herniated discs in the cervical spine. Sports injuries and workplace injuries can also produce severe neck pain and stiffness.
  • Chronic strain – Injuries to the neck sometimes develop over a long period of time due to repetitive motion or overuse. Your head might even be perfectly aligned with your topmost vertebrae, which can strain neck muscles. A poor posture that allows your head to droop can also strain the neck, with a common modern example being “text neck” among mobile device users.
  • Degenerative cervical conditions – Age-related changes can lead to bulging discs, strained or arthritic joints, shifting vertebral positions, narrowing of the spinal canal, and a nerve impingement in the cervical spine.

Your Source for Non-Surgical Neck Pain Relief in Altamonte Springs FL

Come to Beyond Chiropractic for non-surgical solutions to your neck pain. Our chiropractor will evaluate your cervical spine carefully, including the way your skull sits on your neck. Small, precise chiropractic adjustments using the Activator Method can correct your cervical alignment, relieving muscular strain, joint stiffness, and nerve impingement.

Other natural techniques complement chiropractic care to relieve your neck pain. We may prescribe massage therapy, for instance, to help strained tissues heal and relieve painful muscle spasms. K Laser therapy is another helpful method for relieving pain and inflammation while stimulating the healing process. We can even advise you on how to maintain a more neck-healthy posture and lifestyle.

Take the Natural Next Step for Your Neck

Now that you see how chiropractic care and other natural treatment methods can help you get back on friendly terms with your neck — without the assistance of major surgery or heavy painkillers — take the natural next step by scheduling natural neck pain relief at Beyond Chiropractic. Contact (407) 261-1001 today to set up an appointment with our medical providers!