If you are currently looking for neck pain relief, seeing our chiropractor is an option available that may very well lead to the very results you desire. Give Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs a call to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. In addition, read over the following frequently asked questions will help you understand this condition and how chiropractic care can help as a form of neck pain treatment.

Neck pain altamonte springs
How Is Neck Pain Caused?

There are many different reasons why someone would suffer from chronic neck pain. If they sleep on pillows that are too high or in a big stack, their neck will be at an awkward angle for several hours. If someone looks at a cell phone frequently, they may suffer from text neck as a result of bending their neck to gaze at their screen. If you suffered from a car accident injury, pain may be a result as well.

What Can Be Done At Home For Neck Pain Relief?

If you are suffering from neck pain, use the power of temperature change to provide you with relief, at least temporarily. Right after an injury occurs, it is best to use a cool compress on affected areas of the body to minimize inflammation. After a day or two, switch to warm compresses to provide the injured area with relaxing heat that will loosen muscles and increase blood flow. Simple stretches can also alleviate pain; however, it is best to stop if they are at all uncomfortable to use.

How Can Neck Pain Be Avoided?

To avoid neck pain, make sure to use a pillow that is at a height where your spine does not bend in an awkward manner. A sleep specialist can help you select a pillow if necessary. Make sure the headrest in your vehicle is positioned centrally behind your head so if you are involved in an accident, your neck will not be jolted past its normal range of motion. If you are involved in sporting activities, do your best to know the rules of the game and protect your body with appropriate gear to keep any type of injury from happening.

What Can Our Chiropractor Do To Help?

Many people turn to pain-killing medication to help their neck pain go away. While this is an option, it could lead to a whole variety of side effects. Seeing our chiropractor is an option that does not require invasive techniques or the use of medication at all. Spinal adjustments, temperature therapy, massage, and exercise can help. Call Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs today to make an appointment with our chiropractor for a consultation on neck pain treatment. Reach out to us at (407) 261-1001.