If you’re suffering from lower back pain, you may wonder what your options are for treatment. Although a pain reliever does reduce your discomfort, it isn’t a long lasting treatment option. With chiropractic care for your lower back pain, you can reduce your pain and discomfort on a long-term basis.  Lower Back Pain

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Your career could be causing your lower back pain. For instance, if you have a job where you have to lift or twist and turn a great deal, you could stress the muscles and joints in your back. If you have poor posture, which is very common in people who hunch over a computer all day, you could experience both upper and lower back pain. For many pregnant women, hormones and the baby placing pressure on your back could cause you pain throughout your pregnancy. You might injure yourself in a car accident, sports-related injury, or another type of personal injury.

Typical Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

In addition to your chronic pain and discomfort, you might experience burning, tingling, or numbness, which are all signs you have a nerve-related issue going on. Sometimes, the burning, tingling, or numbness could extend down your legs and even to your feet. Your symptoms may worsen or lessen when you’re in certain positions. It’s possible you’ll have muscle spasms or tightness in your low back, hips, or pelvis. Your pain may even limit your range of motion.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

The chiropractor starts the visit by discussing your condition and collecting information about your medical history. Another vital aspect of the diagnostic process is to see how you move. You may need to raise your legs, bend, twist, or move in various other directions. Your practitioner wants to get an idea of any mobility issues you have as well as when and where you experience pain. During your exam, the chiropractor will check your posture.  It possible your doctor will take an assessment regarding your body weight and reflexes.  In some cases, your chiropractor may suggest additional diagnostic tests like an MRI, urinalysis, or blood test to further determine the problem.

How a Chiropractor Treats Your Injury

One of the most common chiropractic treatments is a spinal alignment, which treats various conditions related to the muscles and nerves in your back. During the procedure, the chiropractor manually moves the spine to realign it. This reduces pressure on the nerves and soft tissue surrounding the spine while enhancing blood flow throughout the area. A chiropractor may also perform spine decompression, which gently pulls your spine to relieve pressure on the discs. It’s also possible the chiropractor will recommend lifestyle changes, massage therapy, or exercise therapy.

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