As you look for a way to help improve your overall health, consider long term chiropractic care here in Altamonte, Florida. Our chiropractors Dr. Danielle Clark and Dr. Roy Clarke of Beyond Medical offer this specialized treatment program for our patients. The goal of long term care is to create a wellness program that helps with more than temporary health needs. See more information about our long term chiropractic care services to find out if this is the right treatment solution for you.

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Defining Long Term Chiropractic Care

Most often, when we see a patient here at Beyond Medical, they are in need of immediate pain relief or injury treatment. They have already been injured and are searching for an all-natural remedy. We do provide natural pain relief and injury rehabilitation. However, there is a better solution—preventing the injuries and pain from occurring in the first place. This is where long term care comes into the picture. With long term chiropractic care, we use a holistic approach to help boost your immunity, improve your circulation, and maintain proper spinal alignment. This helps you avoid injuries, illnesses, and repetitive use pain.

Benefits of Long Term Chiropractic Care

When you choose a long term chiropractic care program, you receive routine spinal alignments for your musculoskeletal system. This ensures you are in proper posture and alignment, which reduces inflammation and increases the functioning of your organs. In addition, the act of spinal adjustments helps to boost your immune system through the improvements in your circulation. This aids in natural pain relief and healing in the instance of injuries or inflammation.

What to Expect During Long Term Chiropractic Care

By visiting our chiropractor for long term care, we provide you with regular spinal adjustments, decompression, and physical therapy services. After consulting with our chiropractor you are provided with a personalized care plan. This plan is focused on your specific goals for your health and wellness at the current time. As you get older and your body changes, your long term chiropractor care will also evolve. We provide chiropractic treatments for adults of all ages including women who are pregnant or nursing.

Choosing an Altamonte, Florida Chiropractor

Now that you better understand the idea of long term chiropractic care, it is time to schedule an appointment with our Altamonte, Florida chiropractor. As part of your long term care program, we also offer massage therapy, nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and corrective exercises. To receive more information and schedule your chiropractic appointment, call our office at (407) 261-1001 today.