Joint pain is a common problem that affects not only the older population, but also people of all ages. We offer a wide range of techniques to relieve joint discomfort. Injection therapy can help to reduce joint pain and can also relieve referred pain from trigger points in the body. At Beyond Medical in Altamonte Springs, FL, we offer injections to help relieve joint pain.

Understanding Joint Pain

The nagging pain in joints can be caused by a number of problems. You may have damaged structures within the joint as a result of athletic activities or work tasks. Pain may be intermittent or chronic. In some cases, it can be disabling. Some individuals may have damage due to aging and the natural deterioration in joints that occurs with arthritis. Joint pain can also originate in trigger points within muscles. These highly sensitive points can cause “referred pain” in unrelated areas of the body. Relieving joint pain may mean not only looking at the joint itself, but also other areas of the body that can contribute to dysfunction.

What Are Trigger Points?

Research has found there are small, focused points of high sensitivity within muscles. They appear to be caused by acute trauma to the muscle or repeated smaller traumas that leave spots of tight knotting. These points can cause chronic pain at the site, as well as referred pain to more distant areas of the body. Treatment of these points can provide relief from discomfort and better mobility.

Benefits of Joint & Trigger Point Injections

Our team in Altamonte Springs can offer injections of compounds that can help to relieve pain and improve mobility in joints. A number of substances can be used for this purpose, including numbing compounds and medications that help to rebuild the natural structures that cushion the joints. Relief from pain typically comes after only a few injections.

Make Beyond Medical Your Medical Doctor in Altamonte Springs, FL

We here at Beyond Medical combine our extensive training in integrated medicine to help patients in Altamonte Springs, FL and nearby communities achieve relief from pain and better function. We treat a range of health problems, including back pain, herniated discs, shoulder pain, sciatica, sports injuries, and work injuries. Call Beyond Medical today at (407) 261-1001 for an appointment to learn how joint and trigger point injections can help you.