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At Beyond Chiropractic, our Altamonte Springs FL chiropractor helps patients relieve their headaches and migraines using natural remedies. Our chiropractor believes treating the problem consists of getting to the root of it. Unfortunately, not much is known by the general public about the power chiropractic care has on headaches and migraines.

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1. What Are the Main Triggers of a Headache?

Most primary headaches are caused by muscle tension in the neck. Sometimes, noise, lights or stress contribute to your headache pain. If you’re not getting enough sleep or aren’t eating properly, you could experience headaches. Certain foods can cause them as well.

2. What’s the Difference Between a Migraine and a Headache?

Migraines tend to occur on only one side of your head at a time. The pain begins as a dull throbbing sensation in most cases. The throb will worsen. A standard headache could start anywhere in the head and isn’t as intense of a pain. During a migraine, you’ll suffer from a sensitivity to light and noise. You might suffer from nausea or even vomit as a result of a migraine. It’s possible you’ll have an aura with a migraine, which is when you feel dizzy, experience a ringing in your ears, feel irritable or see zigzag lines.

3. Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Help Relieve Headache Pain?

A chiropractic adjustment does have the potential to relieve headache pain. This particular treatment realigns the spine, which takes pressure off of the vertebrae and muscles in the upper portion of the spine. Additionally, a spinal alignment helps to improve the function of the spine. The adjustment will take pressure off of your system as well.

4. What Else Can a Chiropractor Do for Headaches and Migraines?

A chiropractor has the potential to assist with relieving your pain via nutritional changes. Sometimes, the cause of your discomfort stems from a nutritional deficit. In many cases, the nutritional deficit is a lack of a vitamin in the B complex. Our chiropractor may recommend lifestyle changes that can help such as posture and relaxation techniques.

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Find a natural way to relieve your headache or migraine pain using chiropractic care from Beyond Chiropractic, serving Altamonte Springs FL and the surrounding area. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (407) 261-1001.

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