Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries


Think that because you have a desk job, you can never get hurt at work? Think again! Workplace injuries happen can happen in the office, the warehouse, out at the construction site, and anywhere else hardworking Americans find themselves. And while certain jobs certainly pose more of an occupational health risk to employees, our Altamonte chiropractor team here in Florida wants every person to know that if you sustain any type of injury on the clock, we can help you with drug-free and non-invasive healing services.

5 Ways A Work Injury Chiropractor in Altamonte Can Relieve Your Symptoms

Whether you’ve hurt your back, shoulder, neck, knee, foot, or another body part, we encourage you to schedule a consult with a work injury chiropractor in Altamonte here at Beyond Chiropractic, where we can help you in a variety of ways:

  1. Text neck is a common injury from sitting in front of a computer or smart phone all day. Our staff can educate you on ways to improve your ergonomics and postural mechanics to eliminate the precipitating cause of your stiff, sore, and painful neck.
  2. Our chiropractic adjustments (several techniques offered) provide neurologically-driven pain relieving effects on the body by triggering the release of natural analgesic hormones; these adjustments also help realign spinal joints which may be out of place due to poor posture or an acute injury.
  3. We can prescribe you corrective exercises with various goals of tissue healing, endurance building, or strengthening of everything from your rotator cuff to your back to your leg muscles.
  4. Modalities including massage therapy and K-laser therapy facilitate healing by improving circulation, relieving connective tissue adhesions, and promoting cellular repair.
  5. Our nutritional services help facilitate healing from the inside out. We can make sure you’re supporting your body with nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory foods and supplements that are tailored to your individual dietary needs.

Have You Been Injured in at Work? Our Altamonte Chiropractors Can Get You Back to Health ASAP

Injuries on the job can come with a lot of financial, physical, mental, and vocational stress. Let our Altamonte chiropractors help you start feeling better as soon as possible so you can get back to the work you love in, feeling as productive and pain-free as possible. Contact Beyond Chiropractic now at (407) 261-1001.

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