Chiropractic Care for Better Labor


It is the dream of many women to manage labor without medical interventions. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help women manage their labor pains and experience an easier delivery at the same time. At Beyond Chiropractic, we help women using all natural, gentle chiropractic techniques. With spinal adjustment, massage therapy, stretches and exercises and other techniques, we help our pregnant patients manage labor and pregnancy.


How Chiropractic Can Help With Labor

At Beyond Chiropractic, we show women a variety of methods for controlling pain and staying focused during the delivery. We teach patients visualization techniques to help them minimize pain during contractions. We also teach patients to do therapeutic stretches and breathing exercises that can help them relax the muscles throughout labor.

Prenatal Chiropractic Services

In addition to breathing exercises throughout labor and delivery, chiropractic care can help women by teaching them to perform stretches and exercises that encourage the baby to assume the proper position inside the uterus. Regular stretches and exercises also help improve the baby’s birth weight and improve the overall health of the baby.

At Beyond Chiropractic, we also use spinal adjustment and massage therapy to help relax the muscles, eliminate subluxations and reduce back pain during pregnancy. Using these techniques, we can help women have a faster, easier labor and delivery.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women in Altamonte Springs

There are many reasons that chiropractic care is beneficial to pregnant women in Altamonte Springs FL.

  • Medication-free pain relief. Pregnant women are limited in the types of pain medication they can take. Chiropractic care offers medication-free pain relief to help women stay relaxed and comfortable during pregnancy and throughout labor.
  • Chiropractic care is safe for the baby. Your baby is safe in the hands of a capable chiropractor. All chiropractic care is gentle, and all treatments are targeted to the needs of the patient.

Contact Us for Prenatal Chiropractic Services in Altamonte Springs

We provide a variety of chiropractic techniques to pregnant patients in Altamonte Springs FL. If you are pregnant and in need of all-natural pain relief, or if you are seeking a way to have a smoother labor and delivery, contact your chiropractor at (407) 261-1001.

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