Backpacks may cause back pain

Your Altamonte Springs Chiropractor Discusses How Backpacks Cause Back Pain

School can be a stressful experience, as any child can tell you (or as you may remember from your own school days). But that stress includes more than just mental effort and emotional turmoil — it also includes musculoskeletal challenges. Let’s take a moment to examine some of the most common school-related causes of neck, back, and shoulder pains, along with some smart steps for making sure your school-aged child greets each new school year in good health.

Backpacks, Postural Problems, and Pain: A Triple Threat to Your Child’s School Experience

Backpacks have become a necessity for kids who must lug books, notebooks, gym clothes, and other items to and from school on a daily basis. But backpacks have their harmful downsides — especially for children who don’t use them in a safe manner. The average load of a fully-laden backpack weighs your child down with the equivalent of a 39-pound burden on an adult male. Even worse, backpacks are often packed with a weight imbalance. Many kids prop the backpack on one shoulder only, doubling the load on that side of the body. This stress may cause chronic neck pain, back, pain, and shoulder pain.

Postural problems at school add another threat to your child’s well-being. Many kids get into the habit of slumping or slouching in their chairs, which can put an unnatural strain on the spine and major muscle groups. Meanwhile, the neck faces some challenges of its own. “Text neck” is an increasingly common form of chronic pain that results from kids tilting their heads forward as they consult their mobile devices.

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