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When you experience an auto accident, you have multiple decisions to make. One of those decisions should be to see our Altamonte Springs chiropractor at Beyond Chiropractic. Here is a sample of some of our more frequently asked questions about auto accidents and chiropractic care.

Why should I see a chiropractor if I’m just a little sore?

Soreness or stiffness following an auto accident is not normal and is a sign that something is wrong. There is a good possibility your body has been jarred to the point where potential, long-term problems could arise. A chiropractic exam can determine if there is potential for chronic pain.

Can a chiropractor help me document my injuries for insurance or legal purposes?

This is actually one of the most important reasons to see our Altamonte Springs chiropractor. We can document your injuries and treatment so you can qualify for insurance coverage and if there eventually legal issues that result from your auto accident.

Can you provide relief from my pain?

No medical based treatment is guaranteed, but many of our auto accident patients experience at least some immediate relief from their initial treatment. Our goal, however, is long term relief and recovery.

What is the most common auto accident injury?

One of the most common injuries is whiplash, a straining of the neck. Care from a chiropractor has been proven to be an effective treatment for this malady.

Will my insurance cover my auto accident treatment at Beyond Chiropractic?

Most major health insurance companies cover chiropractic care. If yours doesn’t, there may also be coverage available from auto insurance. Even if coverage doesn’t cover the cost, you’ll find our care very affordable at Beyond Chiropractic of Altamonte Springs.

How long will treatments last?

Most chiropractic treatments last from 30 minutes; with some extending to an hour. Treatments can occur over weeks or months, depending on the extent of your injuries. Keep in mind, our goal is complete recovery without the use of surgery or medication.

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